Exhibition “Secret – Rule – Knowledge”


The ULB in cooperation with scholars of the TU faculties 2 and 4 and the Institute for Personal History in Bensheim shows manuscripts and early prints of astrological, astronomical and medical works.

The exhibition also provides insights into the secret knowledge of alchemical and magical works because these were also of great importance for the rulers of the early modern time period to reconstruct the world systematically. The exhibits are mainly taken from the rich holdings of the ULB which were collected by the former landgraves of Hesse-Butzbach and Hesse-Darmstadt. The main focus lies on the enquiring mind of Philipp III of Hesse-Butzbach († 1643) who was strongly interested in natural sciences and was engaged in a close exchange with Johannes Keppler. He also employed Daniel Mögling († 1635), a physician, astronomer and Rosicrucian.

The exhibition can be seen daily from July 18 to October 22, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., in the exhibition area of ULB Stadtmitte on the ground floor.

ULB Stadtmitte (S1|20), Magdalenenstraße 8, 64289 Darmstadt