TU bibliography

TUbiblio – the TU Darmstadt bibliography

You may use official bibliography of TU Darmstadt, the publication database TUbiblio, to improve the dissemination of your publications.


TUbiblio allows for automatic inclusion of publications lists in your personal TU webpage. You may also link all your digital publications directly with TUbiblio. An evidence in the university's bibliography improves the visibility and accessibility of your publications via search engines and scientific databases.

Documents published in TUprints will be transferred to TUbiblio automatically.

Your contact

Your primary contact for all questions around TUbiblio is the librarian's service team at ULB responsible for your respective department:

  • General consultation
  • Setup and changes of accounts for editors and users in your department
  • Inclusion of TUbiblio publication lists in your TU webpage
Departments Contact Email address
FB 1 & 3 Team Social Sciences
FB 2 Team Humanities
FB 4, 5, 18 & 20 Team Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering (Stadtmitte)
FB 13 & 15 Team Architecture, Civil Engineering, History of Art and Classical Archaeology
FB 7, 10, 11 & 16 Team Natural Sciences and Engineering (Lichtwiese)