Habilitation theses

FAQ Habilitations/Post-doctoral work

The formats DIN A4, DIN A5 and formats in between are valid. Prints can be one- or double-sided. Please use white, age-resistant paper (ISO 9706). The copies must have a permanent cover/binding. Ring or spiral binding is not permitted.

You can submit your work by sending the copies via mail to Team Electronic Publishing or by appointment.

You register in TUprints, upload your file and fill in the meta data. We review the formal characteristics of your file and give you feedback. After this you are ready to print copies.

A license is a juridical framework for publishing. It can mainly be understood as the terms of use which you, as an author, grant to third parties. TUprints is using a license which ensures free accessibility online: anyone should be allowed to read a publication without constraints and to make a copy for private use where appropriate. One should also be able to distribute the work as long as he or she does not change it and correctly cites the author.


  • it enables a maximum of distribution while respecting the author's rights
  • it is internationally known, yet adjusted to German language and legal space
  • it exists in 3 versions: juridical text, accessible text for non-lawyers, machine version (for computer to computer communications)

Find more information at Creative Commons or Wikipedia

Yes. Depending on the kind of first publication third party rights have to be considered. If you have published, for instance, with a publisher, please pay attention to the contract's arrangements. Further advice is offered under FAQ other second publications.