New ULB service: Creation of GND records


The Common Authority File (GND) is used for the cooperative use and management of authority files. Standardised data describe persons, corporate bodies, conferences, geographies, subject headings and works that are related to cultural and scientific collections.

Libraries use the GND to index publications. Increasingly, archives, museums, cultural and scientific institutions as well as scientists in research projects are also working with the GND. GND standardised data, which can be persistently cited with a URI (example:, facilitates search access and offers globally unique referencing as well as the possibility of linking different information resources, e.g. in the semantic web.

Do you need a GND record for a person, a place, a work or a corporate body from your research and cannot find it in the GND? Then enter the existing data in our form and we will create a GND ID from it (service only for TU staff). If you require a large number of GND records (more than ten records), please contact us by first.

You are also welcome to with general questions about the GND.

We look forward to your enquiry!