“Never again” is now!


The ULB remembers the persecution of Jewish life in Darmstadt and Germany during the Nazi-period, especially after the November pogroms of 1938. The remembrance follows an initiative set up by the Fraunhofer Institute SIT/Research Centre ATHENE and the Schader Foundation to the scientific and cultural institutions of the City of Science Darmstadt.

The former property, such as the looted books of persecuted, emigrated, or murdered victims of the Nazi-regime can be considered as a very personal testimony. Every single book is a memorial of remembrance and gives insight into an individual destiny. The Federal Republic of Germany is committed to the 1998 Washington principles faciliating fair solutions such as the return of looted cultural assets, regardless of the expiry of legal deadlines. The ULB supports these efforts, detecting looted books within its holdings. Even if the items are restituted , the stories of the books and their owners can be found both in the library catalogue and specific databases.