HeFDI Open Q&A-Sessions: ELN eLabFTW at 15 June


The spot for your questions regarding eLabFTW

“How do I adjust the size of an inserted image?” “Can I install eLabFTW on my notebook?” “What is the best way to create multiple accounts at once?” – These and other questions will enter the mind of all eLabFTW users from time to time. The HeFDI Open Q&A Session is an opportunity to get straightforward answers.

The online event takes place weekly, alternating between Thursday mornings and afternoons, and allows everyone to get uncomplicated and direct answers about eLabFTW in German or English.

On June 15 from 4:00 to 5:00pm, for the first time, the Q&A session will be open to all interested parties throughout Germany. As a special guest for this occasion, we are looking forward to welcoming Nicolas Carpi, the main developer of eLabFTW.

Further information and registration are waiting behind the link https://t1p.de/52o4r