Johannes Nehring – Gliding in the Name of Sports, Science and Practice

Exhibiton from 21 March to 18 June


For the first time the ULB Stadtmitte presents an exhibition on two floors. On the ground floor the history of one hundred years Academic Flying Group Darmstadt (Akaflieg) is highlighted. In the basement selected exhibits show the exciting live of its prominent member Johannes Nehring.

The exhibition on the ground floor is part of the jubilee programm on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of Akaflieg Darmstadt (1920-2020) which is shown, due to the pandemic, only now in 2023. At the same time selected objects from the estate of Johannes Nehring (1902-1930) are presented in the basement.

Nehring was born in August 1902 in Graudenz/West Prussia. After his school graduation in Bad Homburg he started studying machine engineering at the Technical University Darmstadt. When joining the Academic Flying Group in 1922 he discovered his passion for flying and became a crucial staff member in the meteorological research team of his professor Walter Georgii. Nehring stands for numerous records in the heyday of the early gliding period. Personal skills, often in conjunction with innovative gliders of the Academic Flying Group Darmstadt, procured him peak performances in quick succession. He became an international „ace“ of scientific gliding. He excelled on the Wasserkuppe in the Hessian Rhön mountains, in France, and in Crimea. On a routine meteorological observation flight over Knoblochsaue near the town Erfelden (Rhine) Johannes Nehring died on 16 April 1930.

Exhibition opening

The exhibition is opened at 21 march 2023 at 06.00 p.m. in the lecture room of ULB Darmstadt.


University und State Library Darmstadt
Historical Archive of the TU Darmstadt


ULB Stadtmitte
Entrance and UG 1 – Exhibiton area
Magdalenenstraße 8
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Opening hours

Monday – Sunday 8.00 am to 8.00 pm


Dr. Silvia Uhlemann (ULB Darmstadt)