Hessian History of Parliamentarism Online


In time of the 75th anniversary of Hessia, the digital archive for the history of Hessian parliamentarism has been released.

Focus of interest are the digitized records of all different parliaments on Hessian ground which are enriched by data concerning parliamentary session dates, delegates, electoral districts, and election results. 4,878 biographies of polititians, information on 5,623 electoral districts and 12,883 sessions give deep insight into the development of the parliamentary system in Hessia by spanning severals epochs since 1808.

The portal is financed by the Hessian State Parliament and the Ministry of Science and Arts in cooperation with the State Office for the Regional History of Hesse, the University of Marburg and all academic libraries in Hesse. The ULB owns parts of the library of the former „Volksstaat Hesse“ and supports the project technically and by providing historical protocols.