Venus in the atrium


The statue by the French artist Laurent Perbos, an alienated Venus from the Louvre,, has recently adorned the open space of the atrium in the ULB Stadtmitte.

The figure entitled “La beauté et le geste” (Beauty and Gesture) is an original cast of the famous Venus de Milo, whose broken arms were replaced by those of another sculpture in the Louvre, Diana of Versailles, with modified gestures. Her mythological hunting accessories bow, quiver of arrows and stag were replaced by tennis racket and tennis ball.

The artist about his work: “In this reinterpretation of Venus the audience is first confronted with an image that they know as 'The Venus', but which here is provided with dissonant signs. It is a new reality that I propose, against the ordinary, out of the ordinary, unusual.
Between past and present, between mass culture and scholarly culture, between mass culture and ancient masterpieces, this work uses antinomian signs whose short-circuiting opens a new narrative space.”