Consistent expansion of the digital copy


Since opening the new library buildings the ULB offers a variety of free self-service scanning facilities which are expanded continuously to endorse long-term sustainability. Presently there are eight premium scanners and an A2-plus-flatbed scanner available at both sites. Users can scan to file and either email or store data on their own flash-drives.This service contributes to conservation of nature and natural resources in two ways:Firstly, digital copies done with our scanners help to preserve our books and their bindings. Secondly, the last two years have shown that – compared to print copies – digital copies reduce paper consumption in the library and so protect the environment. And finally, our service is free of charge for our customers.

In spite of these positive aspects the ULB accomodated a print copy service by an external provider during the past two years. Owing to lack of demand CANON University Service will shut down its service on 5th January 2015. The library decided not to continue the service due to the reasons mentioned above and staff shortage.

Students of the TU Darmstadt can still use the wireless printers provided at our sites. Library users in need of a print copy can either visit the copy shops located at Magdalenenstraße next to ULB Stadtmitte or use the print and copy facilities at the Dept. of Architecture and the Faculty of Engineering provided by the University's Computer Center (HRZ) on Campus Lichtwiese.

On our search-PC you have the option to create PDF files by clicking on “print” and then select the default printer.