Exhibition „The beautiful prayer“

29 March to 5 May 2019 ULB Stadtmitte


Richness of colour and power of images in late mediaeval books of hours

Right at the beginning of spring the ULB opens its treasury for a whole month to present four precious handwritten and painted books of hours from the 15th and early 16th century. Among them is the prayer book by Stefan Lochner which has not been exhibited since 1982.
“Das schöne Gebet” Teaser (Polynox)

The richly illustrated manuscripts, which are called books of hours because of their accordance to the liturgy of hours in monastic communities, show an alteration in book culture from the limitation to monasteries and churches to the opening for the emerging world of the urban aristocracy and the well situated municipal bourgeoisie. Two exhibits which are no longer written in Latin but in German dialects testify this cultural change.

The double pages shown in their original form with their vivid pictures and precious decorations in gold and other bright colours are complemented by descriptions and digital posters showing numerous other images and ornaments.

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