Fachteam GeSoWiss

Fachteam Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften

Name Raum Tel. E-Mail
Fachteam Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften S1|20-76212, -76213


Name Raum Tel. E-Mail

Team leader Humanities
S1|20 306-76312
Christiane Brand

Deputy Head Humanities | Team Licensing and Rights
S1|20 202-76283


Name Raum Tel. E-Mail

Team Humanities
S1|20 310-76314
Anja Ansorg

Team Natural Sciences and Mechanical Engineering, Culture and Architecture | Team Humanities
L4|02 112-76414

Budget | Academic librarian | Coordination of subject indexing
S1|20 404-76206
Harald Gerlach

Special Collections | Academic librarian | Bibliography of Hesse
S1|20 308-76311
Andreas Göller

Team Humanities | TUbiblio
S1|20 202-76232

Deputy Head of acquisition department | Team leader Licensing and Rights | Academic librarian
S1|20 208-76281

Team Humanities
S1|20 310-76300

Stabsstelle Personal, Aus- und Fortbildung | Academic librarian
S1|20 307-76310

Team Humanities | Team Information Literacy
S1|20 201-76286

Team Humanities | Special Collections
S1|20 201-76299, -76260
Claudia Kahnert

Team Humanities | TUbiblio
S1|20 202-76284
Doris Koberstein

Team Humanities | Service and Information
S1|20 209-76302
Monika Lehr-Wleklihski

Team Humanities
S1|20 209-76303

Academic librarian
S1|20 405-76271

Team Humanities
S1|20 301-76313

Team Humanities | Service and Information
S1|20 301-76316
Ute Schäffer

Team Humanities
S1|20 301-76306

Team Humanities
S1|20 310-76305

Team Humanities
S1|20 310-76307
Nicole Völkering

Team Humanities | Bibliography of Hesse
S1|20 201-76304
Bernhard Winstel