ULB Schloss: We‘ll move!


Starting 11 April 2023, after many years of refurbishment, the ULB Darmstadt will relocate parts of its stocks from „Stadtmitte“ to the third location „Castle“.

The following subject groups will be relocated:

  • Political Sciences (call numbers MA – ML)
  • History (call number NA – NZ)
  • Classical Philology (call numbers FA – FZ)
  • Philosophy (call numbers CA – CK)

During the move access to media of these subject groups will be restricted. Please supply yourself in advance if you need any of these books.

After the media will have been relocated they may be ordered again to the other locations ULB Stadtmitte and ULB Lichtwiese step by step. The new location ULB Schloss is expected to open at 4 July 2023. From then on media may be borrowed again on site.

We will inform you daily about the current state of the relocation. Please consult our social media channels or our website Commissioning the Third Library Branch in the Castle.

Please note: During the relocation a higher noise level may occur at ULB Stadtmitte. We apologize for this inconvenience.