Read & Publish contract with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)


From 2022-01-01 ULB Darmstadt participates in the Read & Publish agreement of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The reading component permits reading access to all RSC journals. The publishing component allows TU Darmstadt members to publish articles in all hybrid journals in Open Access (OA) at no additional cost. The fees that would normally be charged for publishing articles in OA are already included in the contract's licence fees and have been paid by the ULB for the year 2022.

The agreement applies to all articles accepted for publication from 2022-01-01 onwards, in which a TU member is listed as corresponding author. To enable the RSC to easily identify your affiliation, please use your institutional email address when submitting and the university's official designation.

This guide (opens in new tab) describes the author workflow.

Full gold OA journals (title list) are excluded. However, RSC grants a 15% discount on the article processing charge (APC). This fee can be financed from the ULB's Open Access Fund if the eligibility criteria are met.

We have compiled information on further agreements and discounts on our “Funding and financing” website.

For questions or online advice, please contact the Digital Publishing Team: