Library Apprentices win Apprenticeship Award


The of apprentices of the ULB won the apprenticeship award of the TU Darmstadt in 2020. The collective application of all three current classes implied the idea of establishing and running a regular used book market in the library.

All five, Marina Belka, Nikos-Fedon Raptis, Jonas Bieringer, Ulrike Wobrich and Simon Kressel, learn the profession of a specialist in media and information services. The sixth apprentice in the team , Richard Jurst-Görlach, allready finished his training ahead of time at the end of last year and now manages the town library in Trebur. Sometimes it is only a very small step from a learning into a leading position.

The aim of the flee market for books was to sell doublicate books instead of throwing them away. In this way, the ULB gained space in its full shelves and stacks, students were able to buy textbooks for a cheap price, and the university set a signal for sustainability at the same time. In practical testing the apprentices leaned how to apply the knowledge they acquired in different departments of the library and how to organize themselves in a team. Starting in November 2018 eight used book markets took place where about 3,000 books could be sold. Due to Corona the project has been put on hold for three months but hopefully will be continued.

Holger Bergmann
(ULB-Ausbildungsleiter FaMI)