Darmstadt WiFi


The project “Darmstadt WiFi”, supported by the city council of Darmstadt, the energy supplier ENTEGA and the transportation company HEAG mobile, promotes the “Digital City of Darmstadt” by installing public hotspots in the town centre. Since December the University Computer Centre (HRZ) and the ULB are participating in this project. “Darmstadt WiFi” can now be used in ULB Stadtmitte and ULB Lichtwiese via the local WLAN infrastructure.

The open WiFi can be used with all WLAN compatible devices and is recommended especially for users without access to eduroam. When connecting to WLAN the login page (http://service.thecloud.eu/service-platform/home) opens automatically. Clicking on “online gehen” users can go online for free for a limited time. Some devices may deny the automatic call up so a manual call up can be necessary.

Please note that there is a time limit using the public WiFi and that there is no access to electronic media and databases licenced by the ULB. Persons assigned a TU-ID and members of other universities should therefore continue to use eduroam.