Talk to the Head Librarian


Starting October the director of the University and State Library (ULB) announces a monthly talk of 45 minutes where students are invited to share praise and criticism, develop new ideas or discuss with him library politics, media shift and the role of libraries in a knowledge-based society.

Candidate topics are:

  • What do you like and not like at your library?
  • How does the library meet the challenges of digitization?
  • What does the Elsevier boycott mean, what is predatory publishing and how does it influence the future role of open access in academic publishing?
  • What treasures are in the ULB vaults and how are they preserved?
  • Which aims does the library pursue and with whom does the library cooperate?
  • Which career options and vocational trainings does a library offer?

Meeting point for the first talk on 23 October at 1:10 pm is the library cafeteria LesBar. No registration required.