Parking Discs against anticipatory Seat Saving – Fair Play in the Library


Please use “parking discs” at the ULB Stadtmitte and ULB Lichtwiese to secure seats for short breaks only.

Especially during exams time we are used to the sight of crowded reading rooms and a steadily increasing number of students cruising the library in search for a working space. Many empty seats seem taken and are covered with working materials, however their owners do not return within a predictable time. Fire protections, unfortunately, prevent the library from providing more seats and desks. The only way to exploit all available seats effectively is to appeal to the fairness of all users.

The site management therefore introduces “parking discs” following the current trend of other German libraries and the wishes of many visitors. The discs are laid out at the entrance desks and on all floors.

How to do it? Even if you leave your seat for a short while please adjust the current time on the parking disc. Between 12pm and 2pm your break can take 60 minutes, at all other times 30 minutes.

If you find a seat without a parking disc or a disc whose time is expired you are allowed to put the working materials carefully aside and take the seat.

Please return the parking disc where you picked it up when leaving the library for the day.