ULB Digitization Centre (DIZ)


The digitization centre (german acronym DIZ) is a part of the department Information Technology, Research and Development and organizes the Digitalen Sammlungen Darmstadt (Digital Collections Darmstadt), the Reproservice (Digitalisierung on Demand) (Digitization on demand) as well as services and infrastructure within this subject.


We understand digitization as a task that is more than just scanning items: Project planning, quality management, indexing and presenting the digital items as well as project support and long-term archiving are important parts of the service.

Value chain digitization workflow
“Value chain” of digitization workflow

Besides the subject area old book, the DIZ is responsible for new Media, i.e. microforms, modern literature audio visual media, special material and special collections.

Fields of activity in overview

DIZ offers following services:

DIZ Services

Other tasks include

  • documentation of damage on historic stock before restauration
  • reproduction and exhibition, events and public relations
  • supporting digitization projects ordered by university institutions (TU Darmstadt)

Why digitization?

Reasons for the digitization of older media are:

  • scientific interest in form and/ or content for example of old maps, manuscripts, cradle books, material from recent history
  • preservation of damaged books (e.g. threatened by slow fire)

The advantage is uncomplicated online access, that makes rare, valuable or threatened books and manuscripts visible and available for everyone.

Online access makes duplication and citation easier and is independent of location. This is a main advantage in the digitization process, even for new media/books.

An overview of digitization projects

Gives an overview on planned digitization projects as well as completed and current projects of DIZ.

Organisation of DIZ

as organigram.