General timetable to provision (from the closed stacks)

ULB Stadtmitte

order pick-up or for perusal
between 07:00 and 09:00* from 11:00 the same day
between 09:00 and 11:00* from 13:00 the same day
between 11:00 and 13:00* from 15:30 the same day
between 13:00 and 15:00* from 17:00 the same day**
after 15:00 and on the weekend from 09:00 the next working day***

* only working days

** The order to the inquiry desk at “Special collections and music” will always be provided on the next working day.

*** Orders that are placed on Friday afternoon will be provided on Monday. If media are needed on Saturday they must be ordered until Thursday.

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We have a daily book delivery service between the different branches. If you order a medium before 13:00 today, you can pick it up or get the media for perusal the next day (except weekends). Media ordered after 13:00 are provided on the day after next (except weekends).

Timetable of provision of special media (from the special collection stacks)

ULB Stadtmitte Special Collections

order for perusal
between Monday 08:00 until Tuesday 8:00**** Wednesday from 10:00
between Tuesday 08:00 until Wednesday 8:00**** Thursday from 10:00
between Wednesday 08:00 until Thursday 8:00**** Friday from 10:00
between Thursday 08:00 until Friday 8:00**** Monday from 10:00
between Friday 08:00 until Monday 8:00**** Tuesday from 10:00

**** Not applicable by orders on public holidays or when the library is closed. If the order is placed after 08:00 the media is generally provided on the working day after next.

Please note the opening hours of the respective information or loan desk.