Electronic Publishing

Primary publication on TUprints

Members and affiliates of TU Darmstadt can publish their scientific documents on TUprints, the university's Open Access repository.

The following publication types are accepted on TUprints:

  • Articles
  • Book chapters
  • Books
  • Conference publications
  • Reports
  • Doctoral thesis
  • Habilitation
  • Master’s thesis
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Diplom thesis
  • Seminar paper
  • Lecture, seminar, teaching material
  • Journals
  • Norm, patents, standard
  • Software

Upon onetime registration you can upload your scientific publication on TUprints.

We’re happy to assist you

Publishing process

1. Register with TUprints

2. Upload document (PDF/A and original file) and enter metadata

3. Submit Declaration for the Publication of Electronic Documents

4. Publishing by ULB

5. Intake in the library catalogue

Publication of university theses

University theses include doctoral theses, bachelor theses, diploma theses, master theses, and postdoctoral theses.

The respective checklist shows the exact procedure for publication.

Checklist dissertation

Checklist habilitation

Checklist thesis