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Technical requirements

Publication Guidelines

The purpose of the Publication Guidelines of TU Darmstadt, which became effective 1st February 2020, is to enhance the visibility of your research achievements and to ensure their attribution to TU Darmstadt.

They apply to all scientific publications and are mandatory for both members and affiliates of the university.

Standardised affiliation designation

TU Darmstadt has specified a standardized affiliation designation, that must be used throughout the entire publishing process. This way all publications can be clearly assigned to TU Darmstadt.

The official designation in German and English is

Technische Universität Darmstadt
Technical University of Darmstadt

For stating of department or additional affiliations the following order should be used:
Technical University of Darmstadt
Academic Unit, e.g. Profile Area, Field of Study, Centre, Institute, Research Group, Professorship

In case of any further questions regarding institutional affiliation, please contact the Directorate for Strategic Development, .

Logo Orcid iD

Author identification with ORCID

TU Darmstadt recommends using an ORCID iD for author identification.

The will be happy to advise you.

Submission of research data

For submission of research data the TUdatalib repository should be used.

Submission of full texts

The University and State Library (ULB) is responsible for collecting, making accessible and archiving of all publications of TU Darmstadt. This includes first and secondary publishing.

Please use TU Darmstadt's corporate design templates for your scientific publications. If this is not possible, please provide us with the original format of your accepted publication, e.g. Word document according to publisher's layout.

The templates can be optimally transferred to ULB's basic format for automated evaluation and long-term archiving.

Please always use the latest version of the linked templates.

Templates provided by
LaTeX Centre for computational Engineering (CCE)
Word Staff Unit Corporate Communications
PowerPoint Staff Unit Corporate Communications
Libre Open Office Staff Unit Corporate Communications
weitere Vorlagen Staff Unit Corporate Communications

In according to publication guidelines, we ask you to submit your document both as PDF/A file and original file in source format (prior to PDF conversion).

For submission of your files, please use e.g. GigaMove, the file sharing service recommended by University IT-Service and Computing Centre.

To avoid any issues please do not send any publications by e-mail.

The ULB only accepts these file formats:

  • XML (.xml), in the formats TEI, JATS and BITS
  • Word (.docx)
  • OpenDocument (.odt)
  • LaTeX (.tex)
  • HTML (.html)
  • EPUB (.xhtml)
  • PDF/A (.pdf)

For the publishing process of your first and secondary publication on TUprints the Vertrag über die Veröffentlichung digitaler Dokumente auf TUprints is required.