Open Access at TU Darmstadt

Open Access at TU Darmstadt

TU Darmstadt supports free access to scientific information, sources of human knowledge and cultural heritage, in short: open access. For this purpose, TU Darmstadt signed the “Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Scientific Knowledge” and joined LERU’s (League of European Research Universities) “Moving Forwards on Open Access” declaration.

Open Access Policy

TU Darmstadt has an Open Access Policy since 2019.
The publication guidelines supplement the OA policy with concrete specifications, recommendations and measures.

Open Access Officer

Open Access Officer for TU Darmstadt is Prof. Dr. Andrea Rapp. She is in charge of coordinating the OA measures within the university.

Open Access Week

TU Darmstadt participates in the international Open-Access-Week since 2016.

Reports about Open Access at TU Darmstadt