By agreement with the Executive Board of TU Darmstadt, ULB terminated the licence agreement with Elsevier for online magazines and journals with effect from 31 December 2017.
The background to this were the negotiations with the German Rectors' Conference (GRC), which had been unsuccessful since 2016, and which were conducted with Elsevier on behalf of the Alliance of Science Organisations on so-called federal licences within the framework of the DEAL project.

As part of the DEAL project, the aim is to conclude nationwide licence agreements for the entire portfolio of electronic journals (e-journals) from the major scientific publishers (including Elsevier) from licence year 2017. The aim is to achieve a significant change in the content of the contract and in pricing. The effects of a consortium agreement at federal level are intended to relieve the financial burden on the individual institutions and to improve access to scientific literature for science on a broad and sustainable level. An Open Access component is also to be implemented.

Further information on the Progress of the DEAL Project.

In 2016, 60 libraries had already terminated or not renewed their contracts with Elsevier. In 2017, a further 111 libraries and facilities followed, along with ULB.

ULB was contractually able to register archive rights for the years 1996-2015 and 2016-2017 for 108 and 105 titles respectively. You will find the lists here:

Access is also still possible for the years of the “Elsevier national licence” which, depending on the title, cover the years 1907-2002.

ULB Emergency Supply Concept

ULB's Elsevier Service Group procures articles from Elsevier journals that are no longer available in full-text by alternative means (interlibrary loan, document delivery services, OA publications). This leads to a print version of the article that is delivered to the academic staff at their workplace by a delivery service. Students will collect ordered articles from ULB.

ULB bears the costs for the procurement of the desired articles by interlibrary loan for all TU members as well as for orders via the express delivery service SUBITO for scientific staff (provided this is financially possible).