Working in the Library is possible again!


Working in the Library is possible again!

Due to infection protection we request you to carry on working and learning at home and to visit the library only in urgent cases. Starting 18 January 2021 the ULB offers again a limited number of workplaces which are to be used by only one person at a time.

Working in groups of two or more people is strictly forbidden.

Workplaces can only be occupied when booked in advance. When booking a workplace you receive a ticket with QR-code which is only valid in combination with your Athene- or ULB-card.

Please show Athene- or ULB-card and ticket without being asked when entering the library. More information about the booking will be found on our website on 14 January 2021.

Due to the Corona-pandemic separate hygienic rules apply for entering and using the library. Please inform yourself on our website prior to your visit.

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