News from the library

  • 2021/04/12

    Open Access Publishing with Springer Nature

    Join the author webinar “Open Access for Germany – All you need to know about the German DEAL agreement!” on 20 April and learn how you can benefit from Open Access publications under the German DEAL agreement and how the “author journey” from submission to publication of an article works.

  • 2021/03/29

    „Love and Kisses“ – Citizen-Science-Project about Love Letters

    On 1 April 2021 the ULB Darmstadt starts a project to collect, register, and comment on love letters. The project is launched in joint venture with partners at the TU Darmstadt, the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, and the University Koblenz-Landau and is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The focus is set on Citizen Sciences, that is to say in integrating the interested general public in indexing, describing, and analysing the sources.

  • 2021/03/25

    Workshops Summer Semester 2021

    You need hints on searching, support in scientific citation, an introduction to literature management, or assistance working with LaTeX or WORD? Then join our online seminars or make an appointment for an individual coaching.

  • 2021/03/15

    ULB Lichtwiese: New Entrance

    As of 16 march you can reach ULB Lichtwiese via a new entrance on the north side of the building (opposite the construction site). Please follow the signs.

  • 2021/03/03

    Campus licence DVGW-Regelwerk Online Plus

    In Germany “DVGW – German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water" is the competence network for all questions related to gas and water supply and a recognized standardization body for the gas and water industry. The single user licence on site for the database segment „water“ has now been extended to a campus-wide licence.

  • 2021/02/10


    Starting 1 February 2021 and supported by the business finances working group, the ULB offers a new online service EIKON. The EIKON platform provides current data on raw materials, share prices, fixed-rate securities and hedge fonds as well as information on exchange and money markets and on wealth management.

  • 2021/01/12

    Working in the Library is possible again!

    Due to infection protection we request you to carry on working and learning at home and to visit the library only in urgent cases. Starting 18 January 2021 the ULB offers again a limited number of workplaces which are to be used by only one person at a time.

  • 2020/12/22

    New Journal for Research Data in Engineering

    Logo fuer NFDI4Ing

    There is no medium in engineering for discussing issues of research data. This gap will be closed in 2021 with the “Journal of Research Data in Engineering Science”.

  • 2020/12/14

    Digitization of Darmstädter Tagblatt (1740-1986)

    The ULB, together with the Institute for Language and Literature at the TU Darmstadt, has started to digitize the local newspaper of Darmstadt. In two project phases the Darmstädter Tagblatt will be made available for research and the public.

    Project “Darmstädter Tagblatt”

  • 2020/12/10

    Promoting Open Access

    The next public session of the Open Access Working Group takes place digitally on 14 December 2020, 11am to 12.30am. All persons interested are welcome to join the meeting!

  • 2020/11/20

    ULB buys censured Books from Hongkong

    The extinction of critcal literature from libraries in Hongkong subsequently to the new Chinese Safety Act calls democratic rights into question. Therefore, the ULB Darmstadt has decided to buy almost all of these banned or forbidden books to make them accessible for free.

  • 2020/11/09

    Shipping of Athene-Card

    Starting now, all students of the TU Darmstadt receive their Athene-cards by postal mail. Athene-cards issued before 1 November 2020 can still be collected at the ULB.

    Information on the Athene-card see:
    www.hrz.tu-darmstadt.de/athenekarte oder www.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/athenekarte

  • 2020/10/19

    International Open Access Week 2020

    This year, the scientists at TU Darmstadt will be informed by e-mail about current developments on Open Access.

    Online events are offered, for example, by the open-access.network project and are open to all interested parties.

  • 2020/09/18

    Publication advice and Open Access Talk

    Consultations on digital publishing are available at the ULB Darmstadt by or by appointment online via Zoom. We provide a lot of information on our website.

  • 2020/07/29

    Open Library Badge – ULB receives award for openness concept


    The ULB Darmstadt was the third German library to be awarded the Open Library Badge 2020 at the end of July.

  • 2020/07/01

    Joint Science Conference grants Financial Support

    The Joint Science Conference by the Federal Government and Heads of Government of the Länder (GWK) has agreed to fund the scientific consortium „NFDI4Ing“.

  • 2020/06/24

    Open Access Officer for TU Darmstadt

    For the summer semester 2020, the Executive Board announced Prof. Dr. Andrea Rapp to be TU Darmstadt's Open Access Officer.

  • 2020/05/26

    DEAL contract with Springer Nature

    TU Darmstadt is participating in the Germany-wide DEAL-contract, which was concluded with the scientific publisher Springer Nature. This agreement will allow you to access Springer Nature’s online journals and to benefit from new expanded possibilities to publish your research results as Open Access.

  • 2020/05/18

    Open access fees for 2019 reported to OpenAPC

    Logo für openapc

    TU Darmstadt has reported its expenses for Open Access for the year 2019 to the OpenAPC initiative.

  • 2020/04/23

    Anniversary Publication of ULB Darmstadt Online

    The anniversary publication of the ULB Darmstadt “450 Years of Knowledge – Collecting – Communicating. From the Court Library to the University and State Library Darmstadt: 1567-2017” is now online.

  • 2020/04/14

    DFG funds Specialised Information Service Civil Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning

    Braunschweig University Library, the University and State Library Darmstadt, TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and the Fraunhofer Information Center for Planning and Building are jointly developing the scientific information service for the subject areas of civil engineering, architecture and urban planning.

  • 2020/03/30

    Author identification with ORCID

    Logo Orcid iD

    An ORCID iD distinguishes you from other authors. The ORCID iD is a standardised, international and persistent identifier in form of a 16-digit number. It ensures the unique assignment to your publications and research data, but can also be used in communication with publishers or research funders.

  • 2020/03/23

    Dissemin, the web service for secondary publishing

    Logo Dissemin

    The web service Dissemin facilitates the secondary publishing of your papers. As of 23.03.2020 there will be an interface to TUprints, the Open Access repository of TU Darmstadt.

  • 2020/02/12

    Publication guidelines for TU Darmstadt

    The executive board of TU Darmstadt has adopted publication guidelines, which are binding for university members. The publication guidelines apply to all scientific publications since 01.02.2020.

  • 2020/02/06

    ULB supports „Transcript Open Library Political Sciences" 2020

    The ULB is member of the Open Library Community. Again in 2020, new publications in political sciences can be provided open access.