Corona: Angebote von Verlagen

Electronic Media and Publishers Offers

TU-members have access to many scientific information in digital form such as e-books e-journals or databases. Please search

to gain access.

You also have remote access to all services via VPN supplied by the University Computer Centre. Please tick “campus” when connecting.

List of Databases with Free Access during Corona Crisis

Free Open Access

One of the most comprehensive search engines in the world for open access documents in the academics.

BASE – Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

Institutional repository of the TU Darmstadt, central documentation of academic publications of the university.

TUprints – Open Access-Repository of the TU Darmstadt 

Large collection of digitized documents from the stocks of the ULB Darmstadt.

Digital Collections of the ULB Darmstadt 

Publishers offers during Corona-Crisis

Due to the Corona-crisis the ULB provides free access to the platform Access Engineering for TU-members via VPN (Campus Connection) until 31 August 20. The publisher also offers a tutorial.

Access Engineering

Due to the Corona pandemy the publisher Annual Reviews offers free access to all journals. Access is available without login and VPN connection.

Annual Reviews

Due to the current situation Cambridge University Press has initiated a “Coronavirus free access collection”.

Cambridge University Press

Free access during the Corona-crisis for all users via VPN.

Cochrane Library

Due to the Corona-crisis the publishing company supplies free access for a limited time. Users get to the required publication in four steps.

Duncker & Humblot “First Aid Access Service” 

To support the supply with full texts in time of Corona the publisher EBSCO offers free access to the database Academic Search Ultimate.

“Academic Search Ultimate” is the most comprehensive of the multi-disciplinary database series “Academic Search”. It offers access to 8,450 peer reviewed journals of which 6,410 are available in their current issues without embargo. 5,307 of them are evaluated by web of Science or Scopus.

Academic Search Ultimate 

The database includes more than 800 journals from German speaking countries. Furthermore it curates numerous important open access journals to contribute to the supply with full texts

List of titles EBSCO

Due to the Corona-crisis all members of the TU have access to the database Business Source Ultimate till end of July 2020.

“Business Source Ultimate” is the most comprehensive of the economic database series “Business Source”. It offers access to 2,030 peer reviewed journals in the economies of which 1,479 can be viewed in their current issues without embargo. 1,059 of them are analysed by Web of Science or Scopus.

Business Source Ultimate

Furthermore the database curates numerous important open access journals which are supplied in full text. 298 of the full text licenses in Business Source Ultimate are ranked by JOURQUAL

List of titles EBSCO

To support digital learning the publisher Elsevier has granted access to all ScienceDirect textbooks.

List of available Elsevier textbooks

All titles are accessible in fulltext via VPN for students and lecturers. In acute need of further e-books Elsevier strives to install a test-access in a non-bureaucratic way. If required please contact:

Elsevier has installed a COVID-19 Information Center to give free access without any copyright restrictions to fulltexts and data mining. The centre is accessible via NIH’s PubMed Central and WHO Database.

The ULB offers access till end of June to all titles in the e-library of the publisher Hogrefe in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Access is available within the TU campus net or via VPN (campus-connection).

Titlelist Hogrefe or in short time in TUfind

All e-learning courses by IEEE are available for free via VPN (campus connection) for TU members till end of June 2020.

IEEEXplore Courses

In connection with the Corona crisis, JSTOR has temporarily enabled access to all collections free of charge for TU members. Access is possible via VPN (Campus Connection). Access to full texts is also possible for journals marked as unlicensed in the Electronic Journals Library.


Furthermore, JSTOR plans to activate further resources, including eBooks, in the near future. For more information, click here.

In consequence of the Coronavirus crisis and the imminent or accomplished shut down of univiersity libraries the Juris GmbH has allowed access from outside the TU campus net via VPN.


Due to the Corona-crisis the Microbiology Society offers free access to all its journals via the platform.

Microbiology Society 

partly freely accessible. In connection with the Corona crisis, Project MUSE provides free access to electronic resources.

Overview Project Muse

All Royal Society journal articles are currently freely available on the web without access control.

List of Journals

Due to the current situation the publisher CAS has cancelled all IP-filters for its plattforms for the time of the Corona pandemy.

Students, lecturers and scientists owning a SciFinder / SciFinder-n account can search the databases without VPN from their home office. Unregistered users have to register in the TU net first to get access without VPN from home.

The „SIAM Epidemiology Collection“ is available open access for one year.

SIAM Epidemiology Collection 

The “SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science” remains open access beyond the agreed test period till the end of the year.

SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science 

During the Corona-crisis Springer-Nature gives free access to all textbooks for members of the TU. At present only e-books with the subject emergency nursing and English textbooks are available. Textbooks in German will be released soon.

Free access to a range of essential textbooks from all disciplines